"One of the most inventive and talented songwriters in the business today"
- Isaac Davis Jr. MBA, Editor in Chief of Junior's Cave Online Magazine

Acoustic Levitation

... by means of a piano alone

The sonic equivalent of rich chocolate cake for piano lovers. 
A guilty pleasure that won’t help you lose weight?  Certainly.  Irresistably delicious and so worth it?  Absolutely.
  1. And so it begins...
  2. What happened to us
  3. A tribute to The New Strung Harp
  4. Free at last
  5. Impromptu for two hands
  6. Eagle Flight
  7. Piano army
  8. Onwards and ... onwards
  9. Give 5
  10. Eye of the giraffe
  11. Tristesse
  12. Good morning sunshine
  13. (G) Minor details
  14. Dancing in the snow
  15. Will play piano for food
  16. If and only if
  17. How about now
  18. Shortest day of the year
  19. You call that sad?!
  20. Where the creeks flow together
  21. Brutal waltz
  22. Why, Czerny, why?
  23. Hope and comfort

Acoustic Levitation!

In physics, acoustic levitation is a process whereby scientists can cause objects to float / hover / levitate using the medium of sound.  In music, acoustic levitation occurs where a musician lifts your spirits using the medium of, you guessed it, sound.  Which makes perfect sense, and that is the aim of this album.
From soothing, reflective pieces that evoke powerful emotions, all the way to virtuoso piano pieces that make you want to break into spontaneous applause, the 23 tracks on the album will surprise, inspire and dazzle you, and every now and then put a big smile on your face.

Acoustic Levitation by Jasmine Brunch

Please acoustically levitate me!

The album is available from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and the other usual suspects.  If you want your own copy you can hover over to Magnatune or simply drop me an email via the contact page and we'll work it out, you and I, together.  If you're lucky enough to be a Magnatune member, it's yours for free.