"One of the most inventive and talented songwriters in the business today"
- Isaac Davis Jr. MBA, Editor in Chief of Junior's Cave Online Magazine

A Definitive Collection of Lucid Dreams

Acoustic & World Fusion

Featured on Audiosyncracy's The Best Of 2011
  1. More
  2. She said something beautiful
  3. El amor prohibido
  4. The morning after
  5. When your boat returns
  6. Tango in spring
  7. Just once
  8. Snow reel
  9. Hope springs eternal
  10. Your face in the warm breeze
  11. Ciao Béla
  12. To be free
  13. Keep well until we meet again
  14. Saying good-bye to good friends
  15. Gentle hearts
  16. Every evening together
  17. So much more to give
  18. The way home without you there
Playing time: 45 mins
Recorded in February 2011
(c) Jasmine Brunch, 2011
Distributed by Magnatune / IODA 

Lucid dreams of beautiful music

Lucid dreaming is what drives the creative process that leads to Jasmine Brunch music. In those dreams, movement, shapes and colours blend into a stream of dazzling, multidimensional imagery.

In the album A Definitive Collection of Lucid Dreams, that imagery is distilled into hauntingly beautiful, evocative melodies over a wonderful variety of acoustic arrangements, for you to keep and enjoy.


Lucid Dreams by Jasmine Brunch

Yours to keep

The album is available from  iTunes, amazon, eMusic and all the usual suspects.  If you want your own copy you can simply drop me an email via the contact page and we'll work it out, you and I, together.  If you're a Magnatune subscriber (15 bucks a month for unlimited music - hint!), you can download it for free of course!