"One of the most inventive and talented songwriters in the business today"
- Isaac Davis Jr. MBA, Editor in Chief of Junior's Cave Online Magazine


In alphabetical order: Aardvark, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Fusion, Mandolin, Piano  - and so much more.  Except for the aardvark.

  1. Axis
  2. Perfectly Serene
  3. The Most Tender Embrace
  4. Judy
  5. Something Something
  6. Right
  7. Left
  8. Doubly Bubbly
  9. Elfentanz
  10. Give Me Five
  11. Waltzophilia
  12. Perpetuum Mobile
  13. Safe Inside
  14. Sigh
  15. Space Donkey
  16. Tar Ember
  17. Happy Grove
  18. Swing Gently Gently
Recorded from March to May 2011.  All music written by Ben Rusch
Bimbi Urquhart - Viola
Ben Rusch - piano, guitars, bass, accordion, mandolin, saxophone, banjo, percussion
(c) Ben Rusch, 2011

Marbles by Jasmine Brunch